OASIS® Easy Plant System

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OASIS® Grower Solutions Foam Media
Building Block Growing System for Hydroponics

OASIS® Easy System

Plug, Block, Slab

A specially designed system of interconnecting foam media that allows you to customize for your hydroponic growing needs. Never outgrow your system, this engineered technology expands with the maturing plant, positioning each piece within the other. The fine cell structure promotes faster, stronger root growth with uniform moisture and drainage.

Best for (crops): cuttings and seeds, cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes

Versatile building blocks

A – Plug: cutting and seed foam growing medium

B – Block: young plant foam growing medium

C – Slab: mature plant foam growing medium wrapped and sealed in plastic

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly respond to fluctuations in the plant’s rooting environment
  • Nesting system designed to be used together to help minimize root disturbance
  • Excellent moisture holding capacity
  • Optimal aeration of the root zone
  • Sterile media allows for a clean, pathogen free start
  • Wide range of configurations and sizes for ultimate control of spacing and timing

Easy System: Plug

  • 104 ct and 162 ct Rootcubes 50® XL hydroponic medium
  • 50 ct, 104 ct and 162 ct Rootcubes® plant propagation medium

Easy System: Block

  • 3” and 4″ growing medium block
  • Transplant plugs into the block
  • Use as the primary growing for small plants
  • Transplant on a slab

Easy System: Slab

  • Available in 2 lengths
  • Growing medium wrapped and sealed in plastic helps reduce moisture loss
    • Transplant plants started in the OASIS® Easy System blocks. Simply cut an X in the plastic on the slab that is the same size as the block
    • Lift the cut plastic tabs and set the cube on top of the slab medium
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