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Protocol – Terra Plug

Protocol – Terra Plug

OASIS® Grower Solutions Bonded Media PlugOGS_TerraPlug_ProtocolSheet

Engineered for cutting and seed propagation

Using Terra Plugs is easy and straightforward

  • Saturate the media by overhead misting or watering with a nozzle
  • Insert the cuttings into the dibble (~ 25% the height of the plug)
  • Follow the standard propagation practices
  • Propagate the cuttings under intermittent mist system
  • For the first 24 hours run mist 6 sec every 8 min. After that only from sunrise to sunset. After first week, reduce the misting frequency. Note: It is best to not let the cuttings wilt during the course of propagation, yet be sure not to overwater
  • Provide bottom heating (~25° C) ~77˚ C
  • The day time venting and heating set points in the greenhouse should be ~24º C and 75º F. The night time venting and heating set points should be 20º C and 68º F
  • Propagate the cuttings under diffused light for the first couple of weeks
  • After two weeks into the propagation, stop misting, and water as required with an Electrical Conductivity (EC) of 1.25 ms/cm until they are transplanted
  • Adjust the protocol as it fits your crop and local greenhouse conditions


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