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Protocol – Geranos

Protocol – Geranos

OASIS® Grower Solutions Near Harvest Treatment

Helps to Improve the Success and Quality of Geranium Cuttings

In geranium cuttings, postharvest leaf yellowing (premature leaf senescence) during propagation is a major concern. Premature leaf senescence caused by ethylene that is triggered from harvesting the cuttings is a serious issue affecting geraniums. It causes unwanted leaf drop, thus creating ideal conditions for botrytis growth and can jeopardize the propagation success. OASIS® Grower Solutions (OGS) Geranos helps to significantly minimize postharvest leaf yellowing and improve propagation efficiency and success.

Use DirectionsOGS_Geranos_ProtocolSheet_3.8.16

1. Mixing instructions

Add 2 ml of OGS Geranos liquid concentrate per each liter (quart) of water in a clean,

opaque container.

2. Application Instructions

  • After thoroughly mixing the OGS Geranos solution, spray it on the geranium stock plants until the foliage is fully covered with the product
  • Do not irrigate the geranium stock plants before OGS Geranos is completely dried out
  • For best results, harvest the geranium cuttings 24 to 36 hours after spraying with the OGS Geranos use solution

Note: Re-application of OGS Geranos is necessary if the harvest time is extended beyond 72 to 96 hours from the initial application on the geranium stock plants.

  • Follow your standard in-house protocol for harvesting, packing, and shipping of the geranium cuttings

Note: On the packaging bags, the size and number of vent holes can significantly affect the postharvest yellowing of the geranium cuttings. Large and excessive holes can cause moisture loss from the cuttings and promote leaf yellowing. Several OASIS® Grower Solutions’ trials indicated that sealed bags perform better than perforated bags. It is suggested that trials be conducted with or without holes (or minimal holes) to find your optimal packaging conditions.

3. Product Storage

  • After mixing, the OGS Geranos solution must be used within the same day
  • The OGS Geranos concentrate can be stored at room temperature
  • The OGS Geranos is light sensitive. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Use an opaque container. The OGS Geranos concentrate and use solution need to be stored only in an opaque container. Do not transfer OGS Geranos from the original container into a translucent container

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your OASIS® Grower Solutions Representative or visit us at

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