New Terra Plug Deep Speeds Industrial Hemp Propagation

New Terra Plug Deep Speeds Industrial Hemp Propagation

As a pioneer in plant propagation, OASIS® Grower Solutions (a Smithers-OASIS Company brand) has gone to great lengths over the last 63 years to develop its full line of growing media. But with the launch of its new Terra Plug® Deep bonded media with SOAX® Advanced wetting agent, it’s the depth that’s actually more important.

“While hemp growers have been very pleased with their crop performance when using our original Terra Plug® media, our customers suggested the typically taller hemp cuttings would benefit from a slightly deeper plug”, begins Smithers OASIS® Chief Research Scientist, Dr. Vijay Rapaka. “This provides greater stem support, while still realizing all the benefits inherent in our Terra Plug® media”, continues Rakapa.

Specifically designed for the propagation of vegetative hemp cuttings and seeds, Terra Plug® Deep bonded media comes pre-dibbled and is made by loosely filling propagation trays and bonding the media together. The deeper cell increases propagation efficiencies for industrial hemp, while maintaining the original structure of the plant fibers and providing optimal air-to-water porosity. And the product’s uniform density from top to bottom helps hemp plants gain better access to water and nutrients, resulting in stronger and faster rooting throughout the media.

“We’ve found that using Terra Plug® Deep has helped increase our propagation efficiencies rather dramatically”, confirms hemp industry authority, Dr. Allison Justice, co-founder of SC Botanicals, owner of the Hemp Mine, and member of the California Industrial Hemp Advisory Board. “Just by increasing the depth by a few millimeters has made all the difference in the world. In fact, in our own greenhouse, Terra Plug deep has helped speed hemp seed and cutting propagation by nearly 20%”, smiles Justice.

Beyond these benefits, Terra Plug® Deep also features SOAX® Advanced wetting agent – a proprietary, liquid surfactant blend that provides better moisture content, more uniform wetting, and faster rehydration of the Terra Plug® if water cycles are missed.

The bonding technology of the Terra Plug® Deep also enables greater customization of grower trays, which makes it ideal for both manual and automated transplant methods. Plus, Terra Plug® Deep has the perfect pH level and includes a fertilizer charge for a healthy and uniform start.

Terra Plug® Deep with SOAX® Advanced is available in standard and deep cell configurations from 50 to 200, making it suitable for virtually any hemp operation. For more information, visit