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Response to Publication by C. Trestrail et al.

    Some media have given attention to a recent publication by C. Trestrail et al. that describes statistically insignificant biological responses of marine and freshwater invertebrates to the ingestion of floral foam microparticles following their starvation in laboratory conditions. Aside from…

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News – Ecologically Sustainable (eS)

  • February 6, 2017

eS – Ecologically sustainable product:  our product platform for product that has an ecological and/or sustainable benefit. The eS products will have an ecological benefit by chemistry, manufacturing process or general makeup. eS Products: Fertiss® eS:  made with biodegradable wrap…

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News – Terra Plug

  • March 22, 2016

OASIS® Grower Solutions is pleased to introduce to you our newest technology – Terra Plug, a new patented bonded mixed media, for fast and uniform rooting performance in plant cuttings using a unique horticultural friendly bonding technology. With this addition,…

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