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Ready-to-use stabilized media

Fertiss® is a ready-to-use plug, in trays with a consistent and even soilless cutting and seed propagation media blend. Fertiss® is uniquely designed to help keep production costs low while producing healthy, vigorous young plants. These specially “wrapped” media plugs are available in a range of sizes and tray configurations to suit a wide variety of plant types. Fertiss® medium has been trialed extensively with highly successful performance on vegetative annuals and perennials, woody ornamentals, silviculture, tissue culture, and germination of seeds.

The Fertiss® media mix is composed of a special blend of long-fiber sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite that is bound by a cellulose non-woven net. As cuttings take root, the lightweight fabric allows for root penetration to the outside air. Once primary roots have penetrated the webbing into the air gap, the natural “air pruning” takes place and promotes dense secondary roots. This air pruning process helps to reduce root spiraling in the plug and speed up the establishment of plants after transplanting. The Fertiss® tray design also makes sorting and grading of rooted plugs very easy. The shape and consistency of the plugs help make potting easy, whether manually or with automatic transplanters.

Crop & Use Recommendation

Propagation of vegetative cuttings and seed of floriculture crops, nursery crops, vegetable crops, and indusrial hemp. Also works well with tissue culture material.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use plugs: pre-filled in a propagation tray saves time and labor
  • Easy to insert: loose, open mix makes it easy to insert cuttings
  • Consistent and even media blend, pH adjusted > Promotes natural air pruning: uniquely developed trays avoid root spiraling and encourage development of dense fibrous roots system
  • Ideal for slow-to-root cultivars
  • High quality wetting agent to promote quick saturation and enhanced rewetting
  • Easy to transplant and ship young plants
  • Stacking trays do not compress the plug media
Item # Description

Plug Dimension

(Diam. x H)

Tray Dims

(L X W)

Units Per Case
5300 CARRIER TRAY N/A 53cm X 34cm 50
87-53172 17CT X 6 HEX 25mm X 40mm 53.4cm X 27cm N/A
5318C 18CT SQUARE 70mm X 70mm 50.8cm X 25.4cm 7
5325C 25CT ROUND 30mm X 40mm 50cm X 8cm 60
5326C 26CT ROUND 30mm X 40mm 52.5cm X 9.5cm 60
5332C 32CT ROUND 52mm X 45mm 54cm X 28cm 11
5350C 50CT ROUND 40mm X 50mm 53cm X 27cm 10
5350LC 50CT ROUND 40mm X 60mm 53cm X 27cm 10
87-53022 51/102CT HEX SPLIT 25mm X 40mm 53.4cm X 27cm N/A
5372C2 72CT SQUARE 32mm X 35mm 53.5cm X 27.5cm 16
87-53102C 102CT HEX 25mm X 40mm 53.4cm X 27cm  13
5305C2 105CT SQUARE 30mm X 40mm 53cm X 27cm 14
87-00128 128CT HEX CELL 25mm X 30mm 53.1cm X 28.3cm N/A
87-00144 144CT SQUARE  20mm X 38mm 54cm X 28cm N/A
5392 PLUG REFILL 20mm X 40mm N/A 2052
5391 PLUG REFILL 25mm X 30mm N/A 1800
5389 PLUG REFILL 25mm X 40mm N/A 1400
5393 PLUG REFILL 30mm X 30mm N/A 1470
5395 PLUG REFILL 32mm X 34mm N/A 1008
5394 PLUG REFILL 30mm X 40mm N/A 1176
5396 PLUG REFILL 40mm X 50mm N/A 450
5397 PLUG REFILL 40mm X 60mm N/A 400
5399 PLUG REFILL 52mm X 45mm N/A 320
5398 PLUG REFILL 70mm X 70mm N/A 108

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