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OASIS® Grower Solutions Foam Medium
For tissue culture in vitro root development

InVitro Express

Breakthrough technology from OASIS® Grower Solutions can replace agar with cellular foam and allow plantlets to root in liquid medium while maintaining optimal aeration.

Best for (crops): tissue culture

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“for in vitro root development, rapid handling at transplant, and faster greenhouse growth”

Features and Benefits

  • Cellular foam, and is free of biotic pests and autoclavable
  • Both liquid culture or semisolid culture. The foam matrix is inert and does not bind water or nutrients
  • With liquid culture, water and nutrients are readily available and can promote superior plantlet growth
  • Star dibble hole design allows for easy insertion
  • Ideal air to water ratio for optimal rooting success
  • The specialized media density and strength allow development of strong and vigorous root system
  • Sugar containing media in the foam rinses off quickly
  • Microplants are separated with roots protected and intact in the foam cubes
  • Minimal root damage at transplant
  • Rigid vessels available

Rigid Vessel

  • Highly purified polycarbonate, which offers excellent light transmission
  • Autoclavable and reusable
  • Adjustable vent (0-1.06 cm2) with a PTFE filter membrane (pore size: 0.2μm)
  • Stackable base and lid
  • Rectangular construction for 25% more growth area
Dimensions: 4.3″ L x 3.5″ W x 3.9″ H (10.8 cm L x 9 cm W x 9.9 cm H)

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