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OASIS® Grower Solutions Foam Media
Tapered Design Developed Exclusively for Poinsettia Propagation

Rootcubes® Plus Wedge®

Rootcubes® Plus Wedge® is the first propagation media designed to improve the rooting performance of a specific plant – POINSETTIAS. Tailored to promote uniform rooting of the valuable, yet slow-to-root poinsettia cuttings, Rootcubes® Plus Wedge® speeds up the poinsettia propagation process by five full days. With the more vigorous root system in Rootcubes® Plus Wedge®, the poinsettias become established more quickly after transplant.

Best for (crops): Poinsettias

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Features and Benefits

  • First propagation media designed for a specific plant
  • Speeds up the poinsettia propagation process by five days
  • Provides more uniform and consistent root development
  • Faster crop turnover allowing for more flexibility in crop scheduling
  • Improved greenhouse efficiency
  • Quicker establishment after transplant helping to reduce crop shrink
  • Unique tapered design

How it works

With standard Rootcubes® Wedge® growing medium, normal poinsettia propagation takes about 24 days. With Rootcubes® Plus Wedge®, the same process takes just 19 days. It also gives you a more uniform root development, making it easier to transplant rooted cuttings. The Rootcubes® Plus Wedge® is a plant-friendly media with an ideal air-to-water ratio and the proprietary foam chemistry promotes faster and uniform rooting in poinsettias.

DescriptionDimensionsCase Qty
10 wedge count1.25” W x 2” H x 1.875” DStrips only, 244/CS
13 wedge count1.25” W x 2.125” H x 1.5625” DStrips only, 244/CS
34 wedge count1.25” W x 2.125” H x 1.5625” DStrips only, 72/CS
Strip Connecting clips10-ct. & 13-ct. clipsClips only, 244/CS
Carrier Tray21.25” L x 10.5”W x 2.25” DTray only, 75/CS
Sub-Irrigation Tray20.75” L x 10.75”W x 1.5” DTray only, 100/CS
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