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At OASIS® Grower Solutions, we propagate more than plants. We propagate success. We propagate leadership. We propagate questions and answers. And we propagate relationships with companies like yours. 

  • lettuce


    Propagating more oxygen to maximize crop growth, our revolutionary new Horticubes® AeroMax media has been engineered specifically for the precision growing of hydroponic leafy greens, herbs, and other vegetable crops. The new design helps young plants grow stronger and faster, giving you more precise control than ever before.

  • Geranium


    The distinctive tapered design of this engineered growing medium is ideal for cutting propagation. The unique shape aids in directing roots downward for a more rapid development, resulting in greater crop turnover and productivity. 

  • basil


    Protect your flowers and plants from ethylene-related damage with Floralife® EthylBloc™. Use it at any point where ethylene could be present – immediately after harvest, just prior to shipment, once your shipment arrives, and even just prior to sale.

  • red peppers

    Horticubes® eS

    Horticubes®eS is a degradable engineered Media for hydroponic seed propagation. The Horticubes®eS media has lower density and higher drainage and is specially engineered for hydroponic seed germination of vegetables and leafy greens. This product’s specialized media density promotes faster and stronger root growth

  • hibiscus

    Hydroponic Fertilizer

    OASIS® Hydroponic Fertilizer is a one-bag fertilizer specifically designed for hydroponic production of lettuce, herbs, greens and most vegetables. The balanced nutrient proportion promotes robust growth and minimizes the necessity for constant back-adding of elements.

  • Petunia


    This specially wrapped, ready-to-use propagation plug is made with a special blend of long-fiber sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. As cuttings take root, the wrap allows for easy root penetration, natural “air pruning” and reduced root spiraling.

  • CULTIVATE 2023

    Thank you to all who joined us at Cultivate'23! It was an honor to be a part of this inspirational event and have the opportunity to discuss our upcoming innovative solutions with you.

Propagating Reach.

From our humble beginnings to our focus on research to our global reach, this short video will give you all you need to know about OASIS® Grower Solutions and how we can help you propagate more in your operation.