• Summary

    Let OASIS® Wedge® boost your success with vegetative cuttings that have high evapotranspiration and water needs yet reject water-logged conditions. Engineered with challenging plants in mind, this foam substrate keeps water freely available for uptake while ensuring proper drainage.

    The top-to-bottom tapered shape of ready-to-use OASIS® Wedge® helps guide roots downward for faster root development and consistent, uniform growth. Clean and free of pests and pathogens, this engineered substrate reduces disease pressures, even in problematic plants.

    OASIS® Wedge® is ideal for vegetative propagation of poinsettias, clematis, mandevilla, hibiscus, geraniums, industrial hemp, and hard-to-root or disease-prone plants.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Superior cutting hydration
      Keeps water freely available for uptake
      Enables earlier reduction in misting 

    • Stable, optimized air-to-water ratio
      Eliminates overwatering with proper use
      Promotes uniform rooting

    • Rapid, uniform cutting establishment
      Speeds rooting, reduces bench times
      Increases flexibility in crop scheduling

    • Clean, ready-to-use engineered technology
      Ships free of pests and pathogens
      Reduces disease pressure and meltdown

    • Versatile strip and tray options
      Supports more efficient use of bench space
      Simplifies spacing, handling and moving

OASIS® Wedge® propagation substrate is available in single and double strips and 102-count trays, along with additional accessories.

Item # Description

Plug Dimension

(L x W x D)

Dibble Type Dibble Spacing*
87-50010 10CT OASIS® Wedge® Strip 4.76 cm x 3.18 cm x 5.08 cm Universal Star 4.76 cm
87-50013 13CT OASIS® Wedge® Strip 3.97 cm x 3.18 cm x 5.08 cm Universal Star 3.97 cm
5625 34CT OASIS® Wedge® Double Strip 2.98 cm x 2.54 cm x 4.45 cm Universal Star 2.98 cm x 4.24 cm
5643 102CT OASIS® Wedge® Tray** 2.98 cm x 2.54 cm x 4.45 cm Universal Star 2.98 cm x 3.97 cm
5615 34CT & 102CT OASIS® Wedge® Refill 2.98 cm x 2.54 cm x 4.45 cm Universal Star N/A
47-5600C OASIS® Wedge® Strip Carrier Tray*** N/A N/A N/A
87-50224 Strip Connector Clip for OASIS® Wedge® Strips N/A N/A N/A
* For 10CT and 13CT Single Strips, dibble spacing is measured in length only. For 34CT Double Strips, dibble spacing is length x width, with width measured diagonally between offset cells. For 102CT OASIS® Wedge® Trays, dibble spacing reflects standard length x width.
** 102CT OASIS® Wedge® Trays Only (unfilled) are also available. Please refer to our accessories page at oasisgrowersolutions.com for more details.
*** OASIS® Wedge® Strip Carrier Tray is intended for use with 10CT and 13CT strips.