• Summary

    Step into OASIS® AeroFamily Substrates, the next generation of engineered foam substrates for precision hydroponic farming in controlled environments. Through years of research and innovation, the team at Oasis Grower Solutions developed these input-responsive soilless substrates in response to demonstrated needs among hydroponic growers.

    Today’s controlled environment growers face the very real challenges of climate change and the rapid evolution of the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry itself. OASIS® AeroFamily Substrates provide precision hydroponic growers with real-world solutions specific to their crops, climates and growing systems — backed by unparalleled support.

    About OASIS® AeroFamily Substrates:

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    OASIS® AeroFamily Substrates are available in OASIS® AeroMax™ PlugSheet and OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet for precision hydroponic farming in controlled growing environments.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Optimized root zone air and water porosities
      Targets crop and environmental demands
      Options for warmer and cooler climates

    • Ultra-low substrate density
      Uniform germination, rapid root penetration
      Unrestricted seedling growth

    • Consistent, reliable, structurally stable
      Uncompromised air-to-water ratios
      No risk of overwatering with proper use

    • Clean, food safe and inert
      Free of pests and organic materials
      Free of plant and food-borne pathogens

    • Stable, dependable supply chain
      Long-standing global presence
      International manufacturing capacity