• Summary

    Safeguard your plant shipments against ethylene-induced damage and loss with EthylBloc™ ethylene-action inhibitor. Rather than blocking ethylene production, this environmentally friendly innovation works naturally with plants to bind their ethylene receptors instead.

    With EthylBloc™, shipments of all sizes — from small box shipments to truck trailers — stay protected against ethylene’s harmful effects along the entire supply chain. Plants maintain their quality to look better and perform better through shipping, retail sell-through and beyond.


    EthylBloc™ is ideal for all types of ethylene-sensitive plants, flowers, vegetative cuttings and bulbs, including orchids, foliage plants, annuals, perennials and tulips.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Binds plant ethylene receptors
      Protects against ethylene from the plant itself
      Blocks surrounding environmental ethylene 

    • Minimizes costly shrink
      Safeguards against accelerated plant aging
      Increases flower and plant life by up to 3 times

    • Treats all types and sizes of enclosed spaces
      Suits small box shipments to in-transit trailers
      Works at room temperature and refrigerated conditions

    • Helps maintain your plant quality
      Reduces flower, bud and leaf drop
      Decreases leaf yellowing and premature flowering

    • Environmentally friendly, EPA-approved
      Contains no heavy metals, leaves no trace or residue
      Requires minimal labor, worker safe

EthylBloc™ ethylene-action inhibitor is available as sachets, suitable for small shipments and spaces, and truck kits designed for larger treatment areas, including in-transit trailers.

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38 Gram Ethylbloc™ Truck Kit United States
81-67003 75 Gram Ethylbloc™ Truck Kit United States
81-09072 72 Gram Ethylbloc™ Truck Kit Canada
81-09600 2.5 Gram Ethylbloc™ Sachet United States
81-65017 2.5 Gram Ethylbloc™ Sachet Canada
NOTE: Canada items are not available to purchase on our website. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in purchasing EthylBloc™ via email at info@oasisgrower.com or by calling (855) 585-4769. © 2024 EthylBloc™ is a registered trademark of AgroFresh Inc.