• Summary

    Experience the advantages that OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet propagation media can bring to your commercial operation. Designed with precision vegetative propagators in mind, this next-generation engineered soilless substrate demonstrates superior performance on all fronts.

    From breakage-free cutting insertion and rapid establishment to vigorous rooting and seamless transplanting, you can produce more efficiently, effectively and profitably. Move into the next generation of propagation media with OASIS® RhizoPlug™ foam substrates.

    OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet propagation substrate is ideal for vegetative propagation of floriculture crops, culinary herbs, hemp and similar plants in manual growing operations.

    How-to Videos:

    Unboxing OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet

    Manual Watering of OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet

    Automated Watering of OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet

  • Features & Benefits

    • Advanced surfactant technology
      Faster clone rehydration
      Earlier reduction in misting frequency and labor 

    • Low density and resistance
      Damage-free sticking, vigorous rooting
      Enhanced fine root architecture

    • Consistent, optimized air-to-water ratio
      Faster, more consistent, more uniform rooting
      No risk of overwatering with proper use

    • Clean, safe and inert
      Food safe, uncontaminated, pathogen free
      Simplified, improved crop steering effectiveness

    • Unique, ultrafine cell structure
      Superior capillary action
      Outstanding transplanting interface
Item # Description

Plug Dimension

(L x W x D)

Dibble Type Dibble Spacing
87-40503 50CT OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet 4.60 cm x 4.45 cm x 3.81 cm Universal Star 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm
87-41043 104CT OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet 3.3 cm x 2.54 cm x 3.81 cm Universal Star 3.97 cm x 3.14 cm
87-41623 162CT OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Sheet 2.26 cm x 2.26 cm x 3.81 cm Universal Star 2.86 cm x 2.78 cm
NOTE: Unit of Sale 20 Sheets Per Case