• Summary

    Turn water-demanding operational conditions and crops to your advantage with OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet engineered hydroponic sheet substrate. Designed for precision hydroponic farming, this input-responsive foam substrate was created specifically to support crops, climates, conditions and systems with higher water demand.

    Engineered with a unique open matrix, OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet offers a finer cell structure that increases water-holding capacity and capillary action. With optimized root zone air-to-water ratios, you can drive superior results even in demanding conditions.

    OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet engineered foam substrate is ideal for hydroponic propagation and production of lettuces, herbs and leafy greens (including spinach), and microgreens in warmer climates/conditions with higher water demand.

    How-to Videos:

    Unboxing of OASIS® AeroMax™ and OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheets

    Vacuum Seeding of OASIS® AeroMax™ and OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheets

  • Features & Benefits

    • Optimized root zone water and air
      Suits warmer/tropical climates
      Crops/conditions with higher water demand

    • Ultra-low substrate density
      Uniform germination, rapid root penetration
      Unrestricted seedling growth

    • Open matrix and finer cell structure
      Improved capillary action
      Promotes finer roots, more branching

    • Consistent, reliable, structurally stable
      Uncompromised air-to-water ratio
      No risk of overwatering with proper use.

    • Clean, safe and inert
      Food safe, free of pests and pathogens
      Simplifies precision nutrient dosing
Item Code Product Description Dibble Type Dibble Top Diameter Dibble Spacing
(L x W)
Plug/Sheet Dimensions
(L x W x D)
87-80501 50CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Singleseed 1 cm (38") 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm
(2" x 2")
4.6 cm x 4.45 cm x 3.81 cm
(1 1316" x 1 34" x 1 12")
87-80502 50CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Multiseed
87-81041 104CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Singleseed 1 cm (38") 3.97 cm x 3.14 cm
(1 916" x 1 1564")
3.3 cm x 2.54 cm x 3.81 cm
(1 1516" x 1" x 1 12")
87-81042 104CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Multiseed
87-81621 162CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Singleseed 1 cm (38") 2.86 cm x 2.78 cm
(1 18" x 1 332")
2.26 cm x 2.26 cm x 3.81 cm
(5764" x 5764" x 1 12")
87-81622 162CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Multiseed
87-82761 276CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Singleseed 0.79 cm (516") 2.2 cm x 2.06 cm
(1 18" x 1 332")
2.2 cm x 2.06 cm x 3.81 cm
(78" x 1316" x 1 12")
87-82762 276CT OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet Multiseed
87-80095 Plain OASIS® AeroSelect™ PlugSheet N/A N/A N/A Thin sheet 1.27 cm (12") H
NOTE: The 50CT, 104CT, 162CT sheets are etched around the plugs at the top. The plug dimensions (L x W) indicated are the top of the plug. The bottom dimensions are 0.32 cm (14") larger for length and width. Units of sale are 20 sheets per case/24 cases per pallet. For Plain Sheet: Sheet dimensions are 50.96 cm x 24.61 cm x 1.27 cm (20 116" x 9 116" x 12"). Units of sale are 60 sheets per case/24 cases per pallet. If your operation would benefit from a configuration not shown here, please let us know.